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OPENING THIS WEEKEND! “Giasone and the Argonauts”

We are so proud of our students for all the high-quality work they are doing in and around Portland…including this:
Opera Theater Oregon presents “Giasone and the Argonauts”
7PM –  May 30, 31 & June 5, 6, 7
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland OR 97212
Invited:  Open to the Public, Tickets $12/ $10/ $5 at hollywoodtheatre.org
Cavalli’s rarely heard opera gem “Il Giasone” from 17th century Venice is recast to provide all-live sound for the 1963 sword-and-sandal classic “Jason and the Argonauts.” This high-brow/low-brow mashup features a fashion showcase, onstage sound effects and an all-star cast of 19 singers and 8 instrumentalists.  In patented Operascope!
Starring:  Stacey Murdock, Hannah Penn, Catherine Olson, Ian Jose Ramirez, Deac guidi, Jose Rubio, Daniel Buchanan, Hsin Yi Lin & Andre Flynn
Sherrie Van Hine and Weston Roth

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Your Life is a Garden Worth Tending


How about a little spring?

I was so ready for it.  Were you?
I have enjoyed the simple and rewarding messy chore of getting some planting done in my garden.
David Marshall has been over here rehabilitating my deck.
There are wonderful colorful flowers peeking out all over.

It feels good.

 How about a little spring in your sing?  I know it is silly, but let’s get our congratulations hat on and enjoy the progress you are making in your fertile lives.  Our website will soon have a Congratulations Page so that we can enjoy NOC Studio Singers’ wonderful accomplishments. So much beautiful singing is happening.  Let’s take a look at specific bench marks and goals that keep you feet moving forward row by row.  Along with that, how can you be always in the moment and still set those goals and enjoy the progress in that very instant.

This NOC Studio set up for spring and summer and some of the fall is taking shape.  Executive Assistant Excellante, Liz Bacon, is weeding out dates and getting all the emails set up.  If you haven’t updated her with you vitals, please, do.  Plant your PR photo, too and your updated resume on her email, so we can broadcast your wonders on this web site.  We have several Master Classes scheduled, a Wednesday noon concert at the Old Church, and Schubert evening, a house concert,
and a Fall Retreat at Skamania Lodge among other wonderful projects.

Renee Favand-See is finishing up her commissioned composition for Resonance Ensemble.  It will be premiered on March 18th and 19th with that wonderful group and the sensitive conducting of Kathy FitzGibbon.   I am holding a reception in my home to congratulate Renee after the concert on the 18th.  Plan to come for that harvest.

Blessings to each and every one of you: each of you, living, growing, sneezing, greening and adding on one leaf at a time to your beautiful and challenging lives.  Oh, and forgive all my gardening humor, but I can’t help it!  It is, after all,
spring and you are fertile soil!


Nancy Olson Chatalas

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NOC Studio Mother’s Day Extravaganza Benefit Concert a Great Success!

Singing Actors from NOC Studio perform “Pierre- A Cautionary Tale” at recent Mother’s Day Benefit (L to R: Jon Stuber, Weston Roth, Liz Bacon & Cynthia Boelling. In Front Greta Boelling, on Piano: Signe Lusk) May 14, 2012


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Concert Notice: M O T H E R

Recent PR for the upcoming studio concert!

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