Words to Live By


On Singing:  Isn’t everything about singing?

Sing the story.

Arch the phrase.

Tone the moment.

Taste the words.

Encourage the breath.

Seek don’t force.

Wonder don’t worry.

Movement don’t hold.

Risk the questions. Question the risk.

On Food: Isn’t everything about food?

Feel texture not food.

Taste don’t cook.

Nourish not feed.

Remain grateful.

Stir up and simmer.

As much as possible, eat a ripe plum standing over the sink.


Believe the entire universe in each bite.

On Dancing:  Isn’t everything about dancing?

Arch don’t break.

Bend and bend again.  Then, bend again.

Tango more.

Avoid the box step.

Be barefoot.




Making Love:  Isn’t everything about making love? 

Actually, don’t make anything.

Be love.

Press not lean.

Risk the tremble.

Be blinded not sighted.

Give more

Inhale then breathe.

Allow seconds to become hours.

On living:  Isn’t everything about living? 

Wake up and then sleep.

Trust now.

Believe in the questions.

Question everything.

Simple is better.

Listen more.

Have faith in the rainbows.







Honor death in every breath.

Noc 7/7/12


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