Here is what I do.

“To Do No Harm” is the motto of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. I ask myself every time I teach,“ How I can honor this?” So, here is what I do.
I guide the singer to understand how the voice works from a scientific basis. I encourage each singer to understand their own voice. I find repertoire that brings out the best in the singer at the stage they are in, and gives them a vision of what can be with their potential. I encourage independence in each singer and give them means to ‘intervene’ on their own behalf through skill building tools, goal oriented and effective practice techniques, networking skills, and healthy singing.
“None of your students sound the same…” someone said to me. It is true that if you encourage a singer to understand how the voice works, and to pay attention to their own bodies as they sing, a uniqueness and individuality does come forth. Learning to release and enjoy the sounds with the poetry and music is vital. To discover step by step that no phrase, no one note is static. Singing involves movement, imagination and flow. So does growth.
If you
…hear a little voice inside that wants to be expressed
…believe you are a work in progress
…love to tell stories through singing
…have always thought you wanted to sing
…have a curiosity about singing
…think it’s fun to practice a discipline like a trained athlete
…want to get your voice back in shape for an audition or a performance
…believe that your life is a journey and a process— that you are always growing
Then you should email me at
or call me at 971-235-3394 and we’ll set up an appointment to talk about your goals.


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